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As Driving Instructors with several years of experience we have many very fond memories of our pupils!! When looking back on some of the many different personalities from all over the world they sometimes bring a smile to our face in the knowledge that we have helped them along the way to be able to drive.

What People Say..

One of the best parts of being a driving Instructor is seeing a pupils face when they pass there Driving Test for the very first time. As they say, a picture paints a thousand words. Never has this been more so when pupils pass there Practical Driving Test. Here are just some of our past comments form our pupils.

I would just like you to know Shelia how much my life has become easier with being able to drive, I fell that I have found the confidence to relax and enjoy my driving... So I owe a very big thank you for teaching me to drive.

Just a note Ian for teaching me how to drive, I'm loving it and enjoying the freedom it gives me to get about. I've remembered everything you have taught me and am still a careful driver... I think ha ha!! Still don't like reversing or parking but I'm sure I will with practice.

Thank you for everything... you were so patient, never thought I would do it you are a saint.

A really big thanks for you patients and perseverance. I still don't think I will ever be able to reverse!!! I even went to Tesco after my Driving Test and returned unscathed even though my nerves were completely frazzled!!! enjoying the freedom.

Probably the best Driving Instructor ever - you've put a huge smile on my face. Thank you so much I'm loving it.

Thank you for being the best Driving Instructor. I really miss the lessons! Thank you again.