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Passed your driving test?

What a feeling, passing you driving test, the freedom and independence it will bring, what's next? Pass Plus is a training scheme for new drivers to gain more experience of driving in different conditions and different areas.

Its aim is to give you more confidence and improve your skills and make you a safer driver. By taking the Pass Plus scheme you could save up to 35% off you first years car insurance.

Pass Plus

Pass Plus LogoPass Plus was designed by the Driving Standards Agency, with the help of the motor insurance industries, to help develop your skills and knowledge in areas where you may have limited experience.

Pass Plus is a minimum of Six hours of driving instruction. Throughout each module we will introduce the lesson subject, explaining what the aims and objectives are.

Pass Plus Modules:

Pass Plus LogoEach individual module in the Pass Plus scheme will be marked either Achieved, or Exceeded. Achieved is where an overall satisfactory standard with only a few minor weaknesses in that particular subject. Exceeded means you have reached a much higher standard of ability, displaying much more confidence in the subject module. Pass Plus modules are:


Pass Plus is designed to inspire more confidence in your own driving ability. Our aim is to show you how to deal with different road traffic conditions, in different areas, etc...

We would be unrealistic to think we can improve your driving skills to our standard in six hours. What you will learn on Pass Plus is how we, as Professional Driving Instructors apply our techniques to varying driving conditions. With experience, and practice, everyone can reach a much higher standard of driving.

*Price of the pass plus scheme is £220 for students which have learned to drive with A to B Driving school.

Pass Plus Course

Pass Plus Course*


Six Hour Drving Course